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this is not hollywood

this is my life

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3 March 1981
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I love to explore ideas, I'm deeply spiritual, I write thoughtful birthday cards and I strive to be honest. I have a good sense of humor, I love to laugh, I have a gentle touch and I'm nurturing. I know a lot of interesting things, I'm a hard worker, I'm clean and I keep a clean environment. I can speak with specifics, I can play guitar, I write music and I write novels. I have a rich inner world, I love to cuddle, I can read the Tarot and I'm open to new experiences. I appreciate my roots, I push myself to do what I know is the right thing, I regret it when I hurt someone, and I can say I'm sorry. I can forgive, I cry when something moves me, I let myself be moved. I'm independent. I've read a lot of books, I'm not desensitized to violence, and I want peace. I speak up about my beliefs. I listen. I can see many sides of an issue, I love playing, I love walking in the spring and camping. I'm patient with animals, I roll up my sleeves and do what needs doing, and I'm self-motivated. I have an interesting job, I make phenomenal mixx CDs, I follow through, and I don't let fear stop me. I'm playful, and I treat children like human beings. I respect and maintain boundaries ... usually. I like to be touched. By some people.

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